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drake & josh;; starter sentences
  • "There's a NEW Jersey?"
  • "Are you calling me a liar?"
  • "I ain't calling you a truther!"
  • "I don't care. I like it on my face."
  • "Pip pip da doodly do!"
  • "Maybe 'E' means 'extra fuel'!"
  • "That is not my job."
  • "I have dreams. And sometimes, in those dreams, things happen to you."
  • "Dude, when life hands you free nachos, you don't question it!"
  • "Hang on, I'm doing something really important!"
  • "I love this album more than I love myself."
  • "Whoa, just take it easy, man."
  • "So my foot's totally stuck in there, right, I'm freaking out, the dog's having a seizure and I still got half a pie left."
  • "You should date whoever you want to date."
  • "So I don't like her, big deal."
  • "If you make fun of me one more time, I'm gonna tell everyone we know that you named your favorite pillow Mr. Puff Puff."
  • "I don't like half the girls I date."
  • "Nice going, you ran over your sister!"
  • "I hope you go bald!"
  • "I hope they cancel Oprah!"
  • "I'm really glad someone invented pizza."
  • "Well, sorry doesn't sweeten my tea!"
  • "Whoa, that cat IS fancy."
  • "Don't you have a rib to nibble?"
  • "You sicken me."
  • "You're the worst!"
  • "Look, I was wrong, okay?"
  • "I need you, I need you way more than you need me."


I decided to mash all my giveaways into one big giant mega giveaway for you guys. Call this a revamped hoenn hype giveaway yeah!!

Winner One:

  • Pokemon t-shirt from Redbubble
  • Both Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
  • Charmander or Pikachu pajamas
  • Hoenn Gym Badge replicas
  • $250 to spend at the Pokemon center when it opens.

Winner Two:

  • A choice between Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
  • Charmander or Pikachu pajamas
  • Hoenn Gym Badge replicas
  • $150 to spend at the Pokemon center when it opens

Winner Three:

  • A choice between Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.
  • Charmander or Pikachu Pajamas
  • $100 to spend at the Pokemon center when it opens

Winner Four:

  • A choice between Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
  • $50 to spend at the Pokemon center when it opens.

Note bonuses:
⦁    If this reaches 2k+ notes, I’ll throw in a special Pokemon 3DS for the first place winner!

Quick FAQ:

How do you afford all of this?
⦁    I have a job / saving up money over the years.

⦁    I like smiles, smiles are nice.


  • must be following me. my url is subject to change sometime before the end date so look out.
  • have to reblog this post. the more you reblog the more chance you have to win either place.
  • winners will be announced the night after the giveaway ends.
  • you have to be 16+ or have parental consent before entering this.
  • can’t be afraid to give your address out to me.
  • this giveaway is international, shipping fees are on me.
  • giveaway starts today, ends November 15th just in time for ORAS.

good luck!!

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BUT BUT *points to pun meme*

((If the pun is coming from a human, RWBY Raira will respond badly to it))

(( Does he have to take a bullet to make her happy???))



pyrotrainerbrendan replied to your post “((That was the most epic food fight I’ve ever seen. *goes to…”

((I’m thinking for a food fight in the AU… it’s Liam’s fault. Without a doubt.))

((OwO Can I be a part of it?))

Liam ends up using a couple slabs of ribs and a pole (( Like nora did with the watermelon* To make a buster sword

Reblog if you want your followers to leave horrifically bad pickup lines in your askbox, anon or not

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Which regional first route rodent pokemon is your favorite? Reblog if your favorite is Zigzagoon! Click the links below for the other pokemon!